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Back cover of an e-book!

Since this is an e-book, there is no back cover, but if there was....this is what it would say: 

Karen Jacobsen would describe herself as intelligent and loving. Following rules, along with hard work, earned Karen a comfortable, secure, and most importantly, predictable life with the perfect family. Her world made sense. 

But alas, this bank vice president was too busy maintaining a successful status quo to notice anything amiss in her personal life. 

Confronted with a HUGE surprise in her bedroom, she is forced to re-evaluate everything she thinks she knows about love and happiness. 

Always in charge, and happiest that way, Karen loved and cared for her husband of nearly twenty-five years. When he was diagnosed with diabetes, she took over every aspect of his care.

How does he repay her loving kindness? Betrayal of everything in their life together, but the happiness he’s chasing is––nuts. His new idiotic lifestyle is more than just a midlife crisis; it’s death defying. 

Naturally, her husband's sudden craziness happens as their daughter gets engaged. When opposite events like a nasty divorce and one beautiful wedding become tangled together, Karen, the capable superwoman, must keep a divorce and wedding separate while holding the family together? 

Come along for the harrowing, yet often humorous ride as Karen discovers what love, happiness, and perfection really mean. 

Karen confronts the reality of her new crazy life, and learns she must laugh––when she’s not enraged by her husband’s latest stunts. She has to laugh or else…well, she doesn’t cry often. But why doesn't Karen grieve for her lost love? Is she that cold and uncaring? Obsession and uncertainty take over her thoughts––unchartered territory for her.  

Cheer for Karen as she learns where true happiness comes from, even if it’s not exactly the perfect life she originally planned.