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Kristie's Story

Hello and Welcome!
I now in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I love to garden, enjoy yoga, and love to move cross-country. OK, just kidding, but since I've done moved so often, I might as well enjoy it.


I've moved about 20 times in my life. No, I'm not running from anything...hmmm, maybe I am, and that's a story. As a child I lived around central Iowa (mainly Des Moines), then Omaha, NE; Miami, FL; Boston, MA; suburban Chicago, IL (just like Karen in Fat Trophy); Omaha, NE again; Tulsa, OK; Plano, TX; Wellman, Iowa (go look it up on a map--good luck); Birmingham, AL; back to Omaha (again), and now I live across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I'm tired just writing it all down, but, WOW, do I know my way around a lot of great places, and feel comfortable anywhere. One important fact I've learned from so much moving–wonderful people live everywhere.


Living in Council Bluffs is on the other side of the river from Omaha, but I can see the downtown skyline and the zoo from my window. 


Writing is exciting because our characters become real people we can gossip and argue about, laugh at, and yell at for making mistakes. Best of all, we don't  hurt their feelings by talking about them. Somehow,  they keep making the same mistakes every time we open the book. Why don't they listen to us yelling at them?


Keep reading so we can gossip about them behind their backs, better known as book clubs. It's fun.




Kristie Kalsem