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            Fat Trophy is the story of Karen Jacobsen, and her journey through a tough, but empowering year of her life. As a successful woman both personally and professionally,  Karen thinks she is happy living the perfect life in suburban Chicago. She's too busy to notice otherwise. Confronted one day by a HUGE surprise in her own bedroom, she discovers 'perfect' isn't always what it's cracked up to be.
From Chapter Two:

    Eugghh. The entire repulsive scene appalled Karen, but why did Jeff have to use her favorite pillow? Karen put her HEAD on that pillow every night. With a single toss, the most perfect pillow in the world became a piece of toxic waste which now must be destroyed. Karen’s stomach continued to back-flip as her brain worked overtime trying to make sense of the insanity occurring in her bedroom.

Damn, she couldn’t stop staring.


            Follow this 48 year old bank vice president, who is determined to have a happy wedding for her daughter while finishing her own nasty divorce at the same time. These two opposite life events get tangled, and Karen must pull them apart or risk ruining her daughter's big day.

Karen always has loved and cared for her husband and his diabetes, yet he betrays her. The happiness he's chasing in life doesn't make sense–to anybody. As a formerly intelligent, capable man, he's suffering from a case of les stupides which is more than just a midlife crisis, it's death defying.

            An organized person, Karen thought she was in complete control of her life. Learn along with her what true love and control really means when she opens her heart to real living. No woman can do everything alone, so she has a wonderful partner; her Golden Retriever, Maggie. Yes, a dog truly is woman's best friend.
You'll be rooting for Karen to get some people out of her life, and let others in for the first time so she can live life to its fullest in her forties!